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Music festivals, pageants, car shows, races, parades and more have been held annually at Madison Regatta over the last 70 years. Mtn Sites is the key to connecting with the public year-round when it comes to an established event destination like Madison Regatta.

We were contacted to help develop the new Madison Regatta website with a slew of great features on the frontend, and even more on the backend! Take a look at a few key features below.

Ticket Sales

When it comes to events, selling tickets online is key to growing the success of it. We helped create easy ways for users to see tickets, add them to their cart, and quickly checkout in as little amount of steps as possible. On top of that, the backend of the site was able to collect a wide amount of data so the event organizers could easily communicate with customers.

Event Updates

Your website is a great way to notify the public of your organization’s events. Madison Regatta uses a portion of their Mtn Site to list information about their upcoming events and even blog and create news articles on the weeks leading up to the event with any changes to schedules, cool new events happening throughout their weekend, and much more. When a Google user searches “events near me” it is likely that blogs, news posts, and events posted on a Mtn Site will attract more traffic as search engines will crawl them more often than a static site.

Easy to Update

Since the event was making updates multiple times a week, we had to make sure the site was easily updateable. We installed a frontend page builder so our team as well as the event organizers could go on and update or change out any information with ease. Many times we would get a phone call or email and have the changes applied within minutes! This meant that the thousands of viewers they were getting every day would see accurate, up to date event information.

Secure Sales

Mtn Sites utilizes secure programs to make sure your online sales are done quickly and properly. Trustworthiness is essential when selling event tickets for a high-demand destination spot.

Video Slider

On websites, sometimes videos can be more effective than photos. With the video slider you can pack in all the highlights that make your business worth supporting. Madison Regatta is a multi-faceted, fun-filled event spot for the whole family, and their homepage video slider perfectly encapsulates the variety offered.

Visit to see how it turned out.

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